The Ultimate Guide On Saving Your Taxes Efficiently

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Every investment you do has some costs and in turn, yields you major returns as well. The method of efficient tax planning minimizes your tax liability and is used for future purposes-Retirement or generate cash.


As per the recent research by Schwab Center of Financial research, identified the selection of investments as well as asset allocation plays a major role in your returns that comes as an outcome. The major two reasons for this are when you pay taxes, you lose money. And the second one is you lose the growth of the money if you had invested still.

Therefore, effective Tax planning involves choosing the right investments and accounts to hold your investments. Under which, two accounts come under Investment accounts namely.

  • Taxable Accounts
  • Tax Advantage accounts

Taxable accounts: A brokerage account is an example of Taxable accounts that don’t have any tax benefits. However, only a few restrictions are much more flexible than tax advantage accounts. For example, if you hold an investment for more than a year, you will pay a more long term capital gains rate based on your income slab.

Tax Advantage accounts: These accounts can be termed as Tax-deferred or Tax-exempt. Tax-deferred accounts such as Traditional IRA’s and 401 K plans provide tax break up front. There are immediate tax benefits and you pay taxes when your money is withdrawn during retirement. 


In general, most investors know if you sell any investment, you are about to pay for it for your gains as well. There are different schemes to plan for tax planning.

  • Stock funds are tax manageable funds and exchange-traded funds wherein they are tax-efficient schemes because of lower capital gains.
  • There are municipal bonds that are most tax-efficient and the interest income is not taxable at the Federal level and exempted under state or local level.
  • Treasury bonds are exempted from state and local income taxes. 

Hence, you can make use of the above schemes for managing and saving the taxes efficiently. 

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