Son of Billionaire Bill Gates, Rory John Gates has lived his life like a common man!

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Rory John Gates, the only son of Bill Gates was born with a golden spoon. Despite being the son of the richest man, Rory has lived the life of a common man. Rory was raised with a belief that it is not money, but peace & love of the family that matters the most! There are many things you will learn and inspire from his short biography. 

  • Full Name: Rory John Gates
  • Born on: 23rd of May 1999
  • Age: 21
  • Place of Birth: Seattle
  • Profession: Poet & Media Personality 
  • Education: MBA and Degree in Computer Science & Economics
  • Net Worth: $20 Million
  • Parents: Bill and Melinda gates
  • Siblings: Jennifer Katharine Gates And Phoebe Adele Gates

About Rory John Gates:

Rory John Gates is the only son of a multi-billionaire, Bill Gates. Rory John is a poet and a media personality. He was born in Seattle, Washington. Despite being the son of one of the richest men in the world, Rory had lived a simple life. He was raised under strict instructions and guidance of his parents and he feels proud about it. Until 13, he was not even introduced to the internet and cell phone. 

Rory John Gates’ parents never wanted to expose their kids to the media and the glamour part of the world. On one side where the majority of the celebrity kids are highly active on social media, Rory refrained from media and controversies. Rory rarely makes public appearances and believes in living a simple life.

Rory’s major interests include poetry, puzzles, and academics. His poetry, ‘Diamante’ gained a lot of attention and was also featured on Bill Gate’s website. One of the amazing qualities about Rory is that he is a true feminist. People who have met the family often talk about Rory John’s polite and courteous behavior. 

Family Life:

Rory John Gates gained huge popularity at a young age due to his father’s name, recognition, achievements, and net worth. Rory’s mom, Melinda Gates is also a philanthropist. She is a humble, intellectual, and compassionate lady. Rory has two gorgeous and talented sisters. He is the second child in the family. Unlike other elite families, Rory’s parents did not turn their children into spoiled brats. 

Rather than making the children the heir of his properties, Rory’s father Bill Gates decided to give most of his wealth to charity. Although Bill Gates decided to give most of his wealth to the needy, this never impacted Rory’s thought of simple living. He is following his father’s footsteps in humanity and human values. 

Bill Gates believes that his children must build their future and wealth on their own. Rory has also made his family proud of the cultural values he carries along. In short, his family has inculcated the best values in their children. We hope that he continues the same legacy of his father.

Academic Background:

Rory was in Lakeside School in Washington. He attended the same school as his father. Rory John Gates completed his academics at the Duke University. He also completed various other degrees in economics, computers, and science. Rory did his MBA degree from Fuqua School of Business. Although Bill Gates comes from a tech background Rory and his sisters have shown no interest in technology as of now. 

There were speculations in the media that Rory John will soon be joining his father’s business. Rory has completed his graduation and MBA with good grades but, Bill Gates still considers him a learner. That is one sign to appreciate and believe education never ends…

Presently, Rory is pursuing further studies and is busy learning various subjects. Whether Rory will join his father’s business in the future or create his own innovations remains the hot discussion of the media most of the time.


We don’t know which path will Rory John Gates choose and where his future will lead him to; we can hope Rory not only secures the future of his family but also, creates a major impact in the world by his intellect and the legacy of his father.

Hope this short bio of Rory John Gates is an eye-opener to all those parents who spoil their children by showering expensive gifts, hiding their flaws, and defending their mistakes. If you enjoyed reading about Rory John Gates, share this motivational biography with your friends and family too. 

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