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Phoebe Adele Gates is the daughter of a tech giant and the world’s second-richest man, Bill Gates. Her family has a net worth of over $130 billion. Phoebe’s family is not just known for Bill Gates’ invention in Microsoft but also known for a lot of philanthropy work.

Facts Of Phoebe Adele Gates

  • Name: Phoebe Adele Gates
  • Born on: September 14 2002
  • Age: 19 Years
  • Height: 177 cm.
  • Birth Place: Washington DC, USA
  • Education: Currently studying at a New York High School
  • Interests: Art, Ballet, Dance, and Horseback Riding. 
  • Parents: Bill and Melinda Gates
  • Siblings: Jennifer Katherine Gates and Rory John Gates
  • Net Worth: $10 Million (Inherited and Estimated)
  • Favorite Movies: Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of Caribbean Movies and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp, Kit Harrington
  • Favorite Actress: Marlyn Monroe, Emilia Clarke
  • Social Media: She is available only on Instagram and has a private profile: pheebeegates


About Phoebe Adele Gates:

Phoebe Adele Gates is the daughter of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. Her father is a tech giant, the co-founder of Microsoft, and the second richest man in the world. Phoebe’s mother is a philanthropist and runs Gates Foundation

Phoebe Gates has a keen interest in ballet, horseback riding, and art. Some more interests include watching the Operas, watching stories, singing, listening to Rock and Blues, and more… Phoebe Adele Gates also shows fascination towards films and entertainment. Some of her favorite films include Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and the Pirates of the Caribbean

Phoebe has lived a disciplined life under the guidance of her parents and siblings. Despite the daughter of a tech giant, she hasn’t fallen for the addiction to gadgets and the internet. Phoebe hardly faces the media and thus, most of her details on the internet are either fake, build-up stories, or incomplete. The Gates family isn’t much interested in being active on social media and rarely gives interviews to the press.

Family Life:

The Gates family has a total net worth of over $130 billion and they have given most of their wealth for charity too. Phoebe stays with her parents and siblings in Washington. Phoebe Adele Gates has two siblings and she is the youngest of all. Her brother’s name is Rory John Gates and her sister’s name is Jennifer Katharine Gates. Phoebe is not very active on social media and she is highly focused in her academics. Thus, details about her love life remain unknown.

Phoebe Adele Gates Family

Phoebe Adele Gates Family – Phoebe Adele, Bill, Jennifer Katherine, Melinda and Rory John Gates

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Phoebe was raised as a simple girl by her parents and under strict guidance. She was refrained from using mobile and the internet along with her siblings until she turned 13. She is in touch with her grandparents and the family loves to pay a visit to them often. 

The family’s residential property is worth $120 million. There were speculations in the media stating that the family spends about $1 Million yearly over house maintenance. The Gates family has provided all the essentials for a comfortable living but did not let their kids turn into spoiled brats. According to Bill Gates, he wishes the children to choose their own career path. 

Phoebe Adele Gates Instagram

Phoebe Adele Gates Instagram

Academic Background:

Phoebe is studying in the same school as her father at Professional Children’s School in the Big Apple. The several other schools she is attending for her Ballet classes are the New York School of American Ballet and the Julliard School, New York City. Phoebe is involved with sports like soccer and volleyball and plays at the school level.

Phoebe also wishes to learn photography and owns an expensive camera. She attends several exhibitions in her hometown. It would be difficult to guess what path of career Phoebe will choose for herself; whether she will follow the footsteps of her father and join his business or create her own. She is pretty young to decide.

According to the sources and media, Phoebe may pursue her further studies in a different country. Other than her studies, Phoebe spends her time in a huge library at home, participates in charities with her parents, works out at home, and enjoys swimming in her house’s spacious pool.

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Bill Gates has allotted equal shares to all his children. Just like her siblings, Phoebe seems to be cool about it. From the sources and details received on the internet, it is logical that the Gates family shares a close bond. They are highly focused and determined in their life as well. Perhaps, we may learn some of the parenting tips from them. Hope you enjoyed this good read on Phoebe Adele Gates.

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