Olivia Pacino: More Than Just Al Pacino’s Daughter

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Who is Olivia Pacino?

Olivia Pacino is the love child of one of the greatest actors Alfredo James Pacino (or popularly known as Al’Pacino) and Beverly D’Angelo (Ex-partner), a famous actress and singer. Born on January 25, 2001, Olivia is the youngest child and shares the same birthday with her twin brother Anton James Pacino. She also has a half-sister named Julie Marie Pacino, the oldest sibling born on October 16, 1989, from her father’s previous relationship with Jan Tarrant. 

Beverly conceived via in vitro fertilization, and she gave birth to the twins at the age of 49. 

Thanks to the efforts of Al and Beverly, they lived life like normal kids. They were kept away from the media and paparazzi. And that’s why little is known to the internet about them. 

Granddaughter of famous architect Howard Dwight who designed the Ohio Stadium, Olivia Lives with her mother in Beverly Hills, California. She is in her 20s now and turned out to be a beautiful lady. 


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Education and struggle with learning

She graduated from Fusion Academy Miracle Mile in 2019. It is a private school offering over 250 courses to students struggling in traditional schools. Although not together anymore, her parents attended to share the happiness on their daughter’s graduation day. 

In the graduation video posted by the academy, she shared her experience with the Fusion Academy. She revealed that she used to have learning difficulties and how the one-on-one lessons and counselling helped her overcome those difficulties.

She graduated with good grades but hasn’t decided upon a particular career as of now. She is not sure if she’ll be making a career out of her interests, but she is sure that her parents and siblings will support her whatever she chooses to be.

Olivia’s Personal Life: Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend

When it comes to her relationship, Olivia isn’t hesitant to talk about it or show it to the world. She actively shares adorable pictures with her boyfriend on her Instagram account. She has been dating Ryan Harley for over three years, and he is an aspiring rapper and a musician. You can find his work on the Beatstars website and his youtube account. 


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The world does not know a lot about their relationship but what little they know is what she shared with an IGTV video on Instagram. In the video, she revealed that they met through “OkCupid,” a dating app, and she also mentioned how it took a few months for her family to trust Ryan. With all said and done, Olivia and Ryan are going strong and are in a happy relationship. 

Get to know Olivia Pacino’s parents: Al Pacino & Beverly D’Angelo.

You’ll hardly find anyone who does not recognize the Academy Award Winner Al Pacino. With over 50 years in the industry, he gave several exceptional performances. Coming to his dating life, he is known as Hollywood’s lifelong bachelor. He dated many women and had his first child with Jan Tarrant, a former acting coach.

Her mother, Beverly D’Angelo, is an actress and singer who has made a name for herself in the industry. Beverly has appeared in over 60 movies and has several praiseworthy titles to her name. 


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While Alfredo never got married, D’Angelo tied the knot with an Italian actor Lorenzo Salviati, who got legally separated in 1995. Al and Beverly both experienced failed relationships before coming together. 

However, their short-lived relationship of six years ended badly, and they got separated two years after Olivia and her twin brother were born. It resulted in a heated custody dispute, and in the end, they decided to go for joint custody and are doing a great job at co-parenting. The real reason they broke up in the first place is still unknown as they were a perfect couple in the town.

Olivia’s Interests and Passion 

Being a daughter of the most celebrated actors, she indeed is invested in acting and film making but is yet to make a professional debut. Photography and modelling are her passion, and she is an aspiring actor. In interviews, her father has said that she is an actor, and he is proud of her. So it’s highly likely that she will someday make high strides in the Hollywood industry and show that she is more than just a star kid. 

Controversies around Olivia

Though she is still too young to get involved in controversies, being a star kid and the type of family she comes from, it’s natural for her name to getting dragged into controversies concerning her parents. 

There are many rumors involved around the custody case getting really ugly. The talks were that Al accused Beverly of treating the kids as hostages, and Beverly also made allegations regarding Alfredo being a controlling man. However, none of these accusations was proved, but the custody battle was sure heated.

In another controversy in 2011, Olivia’s half-sister was arrested in a drunk and drive case. It was found that she was drunk and also had smoked marijuana, and was charged with DWI. Somehow Olivia’s name got dragged into this controversy.

Olivia on social media

Staying away from the media, Olivia Pacino did not appear on any social media platforms before she turned 18. Well, now she is out there, and the following are the social media accounts where you can find her. 


Olivia (olivia.pacino) joined Instagram in 2019, and currently, she has around 14.2k followers. She is highly active on her Instagram and never shies away from sharing the moments with her boyfriend, friends, and family. 

Tik Tok: 

Olivia has a Tik Tok account with the name @oliviapacino, but she hasn’t posted anything. 


Olivia used to have a youtube channel which quickly gained a lot of followers. In her youtube debut video, she talked about some of the songs she loves and shared her playlist.

Another video she posted was with her boyfriend in which he is doing her makeup. It was an interesting watch. Her youtube account kept the fans waiting for a while and was eventually deleted.



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Olivia’s net worth

Olivia has recently graduated and is yet to start a career, so it isn’t easy to ascertain her net worth. But her father has a fortune of $120 million, and her mother’s estimated net worth is $42 million. Being a star kid and living with her mother in Beverly Hills, she sure has a lavish life, and she has her whole career ahead of her to create an impressive empire of her own. 

Some interesting facts about Olivia

  • Olivia has a pet dog named Athena. 
  • She is an Aquarius, and her nickname is Liv. 
  • She also has a twin brother, Anton James Pacino. 
  • Her half-sister, Julie Marie Pacino, is a Screenwriter, Director.
  • She struggled with learning difficulties
  • When born, Olivia weighed at just over 5 lbs. 


The 20-year-old star kid has lived an interesting life and is yet to go out there in the world. She’s got the support of her family and friends, has a loving boyfriend, and a path full of opportunities. The future looks good for Olivia Pacino. 

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