What is Numerology Name Calculator and how it helps you?

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It’s a calculative study of the relationship between your life and Numbers. It depicts how your life and numbers are connected with each other. It’s a numerical combination of Astrology and Mathematics. It shows the data by calculation of letters in your name with each and every letter having respective number to it. Numerology Name Calculator is the ancient astrology which depicts your personality and even your future.

There are many types of systems for Numerology Name Calculator but The Pythagorean or Western System, The Chaldean System and The Kabbalah Systems are the 3 main types. Each of the three systems has their unique way of calculations and interpretations. 

Name Numerology Calculator

Name Numerology Calculator

Each and every person possesses different and various numbers which are used to calculate numerology and know your personality. There are five basic numbers, which forms the numerology that depicts who you are. These five numbers are: 1) Life Path Number, 2) Expression Number, 3) Personality Number 4) Heart’s desire Number and 5) Birth date Number.

  1. Life Path Number: It is calculated from the numbers in your date of birth. It is the most important number as it directly guides you to the blueprint of your path in life. Be it your character, the challenges you face and the direction you choose to move your life ahead.
  2. Expression Number: The expression number if calculated using your full name which you are given during your birth. It teaches you how to handle different challenges in life, hence, growing you to achieve your goals.
  3. Personality Number: The consonants in your name are used to calculate personality number. It shows your first impression that people have and the part of yourself that you want to reveal to others.
  4. Heart’s Desire Number: Heart’s Desire number or Soul number is calculated from the vowels in your name which reveals your deepest desires. It shows the main reason behind your actions and reactions to any particular circumstances.
  5. Birth Date Number: Your birth date tells you how the numbers have impacted you and your life. It shows the timeline from your birth to your whole life.

How does numerology benefit you?

Numerology Name Calculator is your guiding light towards living your life and a knowledge source for a deeper understanding of yourself. Using the tool can be the greatest thing that can happen with your life.

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