World’s Sexiest DJ And Instagram Model – Nata Lee

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Nata Lee is just 22 and she enjoys a fan base of 6.1 million on Instagram. Her Twitter and Facebook fan following also keeps rising. Nata has a net worth of over $2 Million and is living a well-settled life. Find out more about this amazing model and DJ in this her bio.

Nata Lee Facts

Nata Lee DJ

World’s Sexiest Dj – Nata Lee

  • Full Name: Natasha or Natalya Karsavina (popularly known as Nata Lee)
  • Born on: 17th February 1999
  • Age: 22
  • Profession: DJ and Model
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian


Other than being the hottest Instagram star with 6.1 million fan followers, Nata Lee is a DJ and model by profession. She endorses many brands as a model and brand ambassador.

Nata Lee’s Social Media


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About Nata Lee:

Natasha is a professional model and DJ. She is a Russian and she is 22 years of age. Natasha is globally known as Nata Lee. Her bikini portraits, personal life pictures, and workout videos created a major sensation on Instagram. In less time, she has become a global face for her amazing bikini body and dressing style. 

Some of her modeling pictures were internationally accepted and recognized. Her calm face, seductive looks, and hourglass-shaped body are her major assets. Her fans fail to resist watching her hot pictures and photoshoots. 

Lee decided to get into modeling as a serious career option in her childhood itself. Talking of her favorites, she loves Leonardo DiCaprio, her favorite color is Blue, she enjoys Russian food, and her best movie is Inception. Nata Lee adored American actress Milla Jovovich.


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Family Life:

Not much is mentioned about Nata Lee’s family life on the internet. However, there are rumors about her dating her photographer, Mavrin Maalouf. Mavrin owns his studio under the name, Mavrin Studios. Nata Lee considers her internet family as her own.

Mavrin is one person to be credited along with Natasha for her beautiful pictures. Other than the followers from Russia, people from different countries also follow and adore her online presence. Nata Lee’s gorgeous body, blonde hair, and hazel blue eyes are extremely captivating.


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Academic Background:

According to internet sources, Nata Lee is a graduate. She completed her Local High School and decided to take up modeling as a career. It can be said that Natasha was focused and determined on what she wanted from her teens. 

She had already set her goals of entering the modeling industry clear. Her determination reflects through her body as she has worked hard to sustain that hourglass-shaped figure and those gorgeous curves.

Academic background plays an important role to have better career opportunities in the future. However, if someone is as visionary and focused as Nata Lee, one doesn’t need long-term future planning. 


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Career Life:

Nata Lee picked modeling and DJ as her career options at a tender age. She is 22 and enjoys a net worth of over $2 Million already! It is her vision as a model that has made her accomplish many things in a short period of life. Natasha is handling major brands like Fashion Nova and Guess as a brand influencer. She has worked with some of the top models in her modeling career.

She is one of the most demanded lingerie and swimwear models as of today. Other than modeling and the role of DJ, Nata Lee is making about $5000-$10000 for every single brand promotion as a social media influencer.

Natasha‘s personality reflects many qualities other than being hot and attractive. She seems highly determined, passionate and dedicated in her work. Her pictures and workout videos are proof of the same.


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You may find Nata Lee’s pictures receiving oodles of comments by her fans globally. Her consistent fan base and rising love from the followers are reasons for her settled career. The brain behind all her gorgeous pictures is of her boyfriend, Marvin. It seems both are dedicated to their respective careers. They are enjoying professional as well as personal bonding together. We wish them all the best for their future and hope to see more sensational work by them.

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