Ellana Bryan: Wiki, Age, Childhood, And Net Worth

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Ellana Bryan, a plus-size model with over 1 million followers on her official Instagram page, is one of people who have used social media networks to promote their talents and looks. With the new medium taking shape in multiple ways each day, it’s no surprise that she has been using all this space for self-promotion, too, promoting herself as an empowering figure in fashion today. 

Ellana Bryan: Wiki, Age, Childhood, and Education

Ellana Bryan is a curvy stylish plus-size model born in Ohio on November 22, 1989, in Cleveland and moved to Los Angeles. As she became interested in the world of fashion, Ellana eventually began working with brands like The Ouai, Ipsy, and Skinny Tan. She has also worked for Swimsuits For All, Fashion Nova, MeUndies as well as Missguided. 

Surprisingly, Ellana has kept her life private, and even after all these years, she still hasn’t shared what it was like growing up. She never shares the names or professions of her parents or any siblings that come with being a single child herself. We also don’t know if she went to school for higher education either, since this information is still under wraps. We hope Ellana starts sharing these details soon so we can understand who this woman is today.

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Career Beginnings Of Ellana Bryan

Ellana has always been outspoken and confident, but it took her a long time to learn how to represent herself. Being overweight from a young age, Ellana never let her struggles with it slow her down. Instead of being shy and reserved about who she is to the world, she has decided to join in on the body-positive campaign and show people that you are beautiful no matter what your size.

Ellana has always put her body on display, and with the development of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, she decided to try modeling. She is all about promoting a healthy self-image for people of any size, shape, or color. The first picture that she uploaded in January 2017 was a simple selfie of herself wearing her bikini. That picture captivated the attention of many people online; she continued to post hot and beautiful pictures. And, with each new upload and every post becoming more popular than before. Ellana Bryan gathered hundreds and thousands of loyal followers until finally reaching the million mark. 

After becoming a role model for body-positive activists, Ellana began collaborating with other organizations and fashion brands. This included AllGoodThingsTV as well as the swimsuit company SwimsuitsForAll. In addition, she started working on YouTube and uploading videos on it on a daily basis. People really love her efforts.

Rise To Fame

Ellana’s popularity has skyrocketed to new heights. Collaborators and partners automatically had access to her millions of followers, and the number is still rising. Ellana is now a well-known celebrity on social media with her own food delivery service. Her current sponsors include SperoFoods and FashionNovaCurve, but she also just started up the EatBurgerBabes company that will deliver burgers straight to your doorstep in a bit of time. All of these endeavors have helped lift her wealth by such a large margin. 


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Ellana Bryan’s Personal Life: Relationship, Dating, Boyfriend

Ellana Bryan is an inspiring, beautiful 31-year old woman who is neither married nor have a serious relationship at this time. She probably spends most of the time taking care of herself; she’s very secretive about anything related to her personal life, just like several celebrities, so it may be difficult for others to know what kind of person Ellana really is. 

Despite being surrounded by young men, it seems that she’s still unable to find her soulmate. Maybe this is a sign of focusing on her career rather than being in any relationship? However, Ellana Bryan loves spending time with friends and family; hence at the moment, it is not possible to share any personal information about a husband or boyfriend of this Hollywood starlet.

Internet Fame Of This Plus-Size Model

She’s the queen of Instagram and has over a million fans to prove it, but she still finds time for other social media platforms too. You can also search her on Facebook and Twitter if you’re looking to stay up-to-date with what this beauty is doing next. Her Facebook page has more than 400,000 followers who are continuously entertained by her beautiful outfits and picturesque settings posts. 


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With a cross-section of lifestyle brands being advertised alongside fashion lines spanning denim to dresses, she is undoubtedly one fascinating woman with an eye for the finer things in life. You can head on over and follow her social media pages for a better idea of what she’s up to these days.

Instagram: ellanabryan Instagram

Twitter: ELLANA BRYAN Twitter

YouTube: ELLANA BRYAN Youtube

Facebook: Ellana Bryan Facebook

Ellana Bryan Net Worth

There’s no match that Ellana is earning a countable amount of money as an ambassador for Fashion Nova and working with many other big brands. Ellana’s career started just only in 2017, so she’s already become a star with the potential to be even bigger. Bryan has amassed a net worth that is close to $1 million. Besides, she is not just a social media personality but also gains extra income from there. Ellana has many fans who enjoy getting to know more about her each day by following all the posts on Instagram or Facebook. 

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Ellana is not only a talented artist, but she runs her own online store called ROYALTIESArt and has an impressive YouTube channel. In total, each month, Ellana earns $4-$69K from the shop and from her videos that make up to about $52-830K annually. This means Ellana can live in luxury with all of this money coming in on top of being healthy, too, sounds impressive.

Ellana Bryan’s Body Measurement: Height, Weight

Being a model in Hollywood is all about the perfect face, height, body, and size. And there’s Ellana, who has 95kg yet managed to rule over it with her curves. The confident Ellana is a plus-sized model who isn’t shy about showing off her body. She’s raised some eyebrows, and now everyone wants to know what size she really weighs. 


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Additionally, Ellana is a blonde-haired woman who has blue eyes and stands at 5ft 10ins. She weighs approximately 209lbs or 95kgs with vital statistics of 42-31-47 inches, making her quite beautiful. 

Some Facts About Ellana Bryan

  • Ellana is an animal lover and owns a pet dog
  • Her favorite color is Sky Blue
  • Austria and Italy are Ellana’s most preferred holiday destinations
  • Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius
  • Ellana’s birthplace is the United States 
  • She also became a speaker for Ohio Fashion Week in 2017 and 2018


Ellana Bryan overcomes her weight and makes it in the industry. Now, she’s got people tuning into what she has to say on social media. So, this was everything about the Ellana Bryan social media sensation. We hope that we’ve included all she’s done, though if you think we might have missed something. Please feel free to comment below with any information!

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