Elizabeth Ostrander – A Successful Model, Terrific Singer And Social Media Influencer

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Who is Elizabeth Ostrander? 

Elizabeth Ostrander AKA  Eliabeth Oceans is an American Model & Singer born on December 7, 1988, in Melbourne, Florida, USA. The 32-years-old model grew up in St. Augustine, Florida. She was interested in modeling since her high school days and initiated her career at a young age. Bold and beautiful Elizabeth Ostrander gained popularity by modeling for Playboy Magazines and got the Playboy Playmate of the month title in December 2014. 


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Nowadays, she is adding to her fame as an Instagram Model & Influencer, endorsing various brands and collaborating with fellow influencers. The young and mesmerizing model is insanely popular among the young-gen and has millions of followers on her social media handles. 

Apart from modeling, her Interests involve drawing, painting, and traveling, but swimming and sailing are her treasured activities. She is an adventurous woman fulfilling her childhood dream of sailing around the world in her 41-foot yacht. Elizabeth also loves to sing, and in 2021, she released three songs. Along with modeling, her music is making strides on various streaming platforms. 


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Family and educational background

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information about Elizabeth’s family. The sensational model has not revealed any information about her parents and siblings. Coming to her educational background, she graduated from St. Augustine school in 2017 and is a college graduate from Daytona Beach State College. She also holds a degree in Photography. 

Career as a model and achievements 

Elizabeth has a flourishing modeling career, and she has locked on several opportunities and achievements over the years. Elizabeth’s career started while she was in high school. The aspiring model began her career by selling a swimsuit collection on her website. At the time, she got several opportunities to model for various agencies overseas. 

Elizabeth modeled in Europe for a few years and later moved to San Francisco, California. She learned to sail there. In December 2014, Elizabeth became the Playboy Playmate of the Month and cover model. Before becoming a Playboy Model, her passion for modeling took her to Greece, South Africa, and Paris, France, for different photoshoots and modeling opportunities. 


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Zodiac Sign 

Coming to the Chinese Zodiac, Elizabeth Ostrander was born in the year of the dragon. Elizabeth’s Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. As per astrologers, Sagittarius are wanderers and are most enthusiastic about travel. They are risk-takers and make sure to take every measure necessary to achieve their goals. These people are heart-warming and natural-born leaders. Looking at Elizabeth’s bold and evergreen personality, she is a true Sagittarius. 

Movies and Magazines 

Elizabeth Ostrander has appeared in three collaborative Playboy projects. 

  • Playboy Plus in 2014 as self.
  • Then in 2015, Playmate Playback as self.
  • Further in 2017, Playmate Anthology as self.

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Get to know Elizabeth’s Spouse: Erik Ostrander.

Elizabeth Ostrander is married to Erik Ostrander and has two daughters. Erik owns the San Francisco Sailing Company. During his MBA days, he had written a business model for a sailboat charter. He decided to go for it, and Years later, he realized the dream of sailing around the world with Elizabeth. 

It’s like they were perfect for each other. Erik and Elizabeth met each other in Erik’s sailing company for the first time and then dated for four months. They shared a love for sailing and decided to get married on their boat in Aquatic Park. And three days after their marriage, they sailed to Hawaii for their honeymoon. 


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Elizabeth’s Singing Career 

Making her debut into the music industry, she has a new stage name, “Elizabeth Oceans,” and is releasing her songs under the same name. She has just stepped into the music industry and appears to be flourishing with the growing popularity on YouTube, music streaming platforms, and other media platforms like Tik-Tok. Her single “Easy To Remember,” which hit the streaming platforms on April 11, 2021, became very popular on Tik-Tok. So far, Elizabeth has released three singles, the latest song is “Deep In Love,” which came out in June 2021, and it has over 3k streams on Spotify. 

Elizabeth’s Net Worth 

The estimated Net Worth of Elizabeth Ostrander is around $1 million. 

She must’ve earned a decent amount of income with her previous Playboy modeling projects and photoshoots. And her primary sources of income are Instagram sponsorship and modeling shoots. Not to forget, she is married to Erik Ostrander, owner of a sailing company. 

Passion and plans

When it comes to her career, Elizabeth has done things right. She aspired to become a model when she was 16, took on opportunities, and earned recognition. Carrying on the same enthusiasm and love for modeling, she is keeping up her game on Instagram.

Elizabeth is trying to pave her way into the Hollywood industry. The stunner redhead has been doing great in her modeling career. She has repeatedly expressed her love for the bond girls and her desire to be a Bong girl someday. The combination of beauty and savage is what Elizabeth looks up to and admires about the bond girls. She plans to appear for the next bond casting when she gets more settled in the industry. 

Just getting into the music industry, Elizabeth naturally plans to be the next big thing. One of her interests is singing, and she took it up as a career option. The few songs that came out are gaining quick numbers on streaming platforms. 


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Social Media and Elizabeth 

Elizabeth Ostrander is a famous social media influencer and is proactive on the internet. You can find her on the following social media handles.

Youtube: Elizabeth Oceans

Elizabeth’s Youtube debut was on June 5, 2013, but she recently updated it with her latest singles. The Youtube channel is quickly gaining subscribers and views; go check out Elizabeth’s music

Facebook: Elizabeth Oceans

She keeps her fans posted about the music releases, and her Facebook wall is brimming with beautiful pictures from her photoshoots. 

Instagram @elizabethoceans

She joined Instagram in 2015 and quickly gained followers. As of now, She has over 1.2 million followers. With brand sponsors and collaborations, she is most active on her Instagram. Elizabeth is a fitness enthusiast, and her Instagram feed has tons of attractive pictures. 

Spotify: Elizabeth Oceans

Elizabeth is a verified artist on Spotify. Listen to her latest tracks that are already collecting thousands of streams. 

Interesting facts about Elizabeth Ostrander 

  • Elizabeth has two adorable daughters, and the younger daughter has the same red hair. 
  • A dog lover and posts several pictures with her dog. 
  • She’s 32 years old and 5’8” tall, and weighs 63 kg.
  • Despite being a popular model, she was never listed on Wikipedia but was featured on IMDb. 
  • Elizabeth is a part of three Playboy movies. 
  • She desires to be a Bond girl! 
  • A nautilus shell tattoo sits on her arm, which is Greek for “sailor.” 


The 23-year-old model is at a great place in her career and is living her lifelong dream of sailing worldwide. She has a loving spouse who shares the same dream. The string of advancements and accomplishments along the way states that Elizabeth Ostrander enjoys a fulfilling career. And she is still going at it with the same enthusiasm.

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