The Best Manga On Toomics Till Date – Close As Neighbors Webtoon

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Close as negihbor is a sexy, erotic manhwa webtoon.

Its a story of a guy named Theo and his neighbors sisters: April, May and June.

The story goes with Theo having crush on April, while May having secret crush on Theo. Things get interested when June enters these dimensions and tries to alter everything. A proper depiction of love triangle, a fourth wheel, revenge, envy and lust.

The story funny, comic, romantic and erotic at the same time.

The story is created with such never-imagined thinking that makes it readers do… well you know that? I mean who thinks of showing a rainbow coming from the characters private part while she is having an orgasm?

The graphics and sketch are at point and really appealing. You can acknowledge the character’s expression and know what its thinking just by looking at it.

The story contains 52 chapters in total, but the chapters like Chapter 3, 19, 37, 45 and 51 are THE BEST.

The webtoon is available on Toomics.

Close as neighbors manhwa is strictly for Adults and especially NSFW.

Close as neighbors is the most romantic and erotic manga ever read. Each and every chapter of the story is rated 9+ out of 10 on toomics. Even on Goodreads it has 4 Star rating.

It shows neighbors’ relations, love, romance, fun, envy, revenge and so much more that you can’t just use it to pleasure yourself and leave it. Its not just a pornhwa.

Nothing much more to say about the story. But let’s see what the readers are saying about it.

Just go and watch it now.

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