Best Place To Visit In Koh Samet

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Planning to beat the summer heat with your loved ones and also looking out for a great vacation island for families, Koh Samet can be the best destination spot. This place is famous for beaches where you can boast your travel memories with azure water. Koh Samet is the nearest island to bangkok where you can enjoy the calmness and liveliness together.

There are a lot of places to visit on the island Koh Samet, let’s take the best 3 spots that can double up your travel enthusiast.

Ao Phrao

Ao Phrao is on Samet’s western shore where it feels like a different world with the calmness and quiet beaches. This place is best suited for tourists who want to spend time on private beaches as well as want to enjoy the life of luxury resorts. It’s one of the best Thailand vacation islands where luxury resorts are available in this region, each claiming an extensive beachfront area suitable for swimming and water sports such as catamaran sailing, scuba diving, canoeing, and fishing.

Ao Kiu Na Nok

You can easily catch it up on the southern tip of the island. It is completely isolated from other beaches and can be accessed by a boat from Ban Phe. The best part of this beautiful beach is the calmness where azure water converts into soft powdery sand. This looks like more of a paradise beach and is considered the best spot for honeymoon destinations or couples. It can also be your great vacation island to skip city crowds.

Fire Show At Ploy Talay

Want to have a chill and mind blowing night then Ploy Talay is the best spot for you. This place is situated on Saikaew Beach. This location is known for its enthralling fire shows that only take place during the night. Visitors or travel enthusiasts who want to explore more and bring more adrenaline rush then this show will definitely give theme goosebumps. It is a must-visit. The venue has two dance floors and is a restaurant by day and a club by night. This place is super crowded to be ready to enjoy the liveliness of Ploy Talay.

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