A Cyber Bullied Teen Turned into a Super Model – Angie Varona

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Once a cyber-bully survivor, today an international face; Angie Varona has come a long way in her life. In her Biography, we shall discuss the various chapters of Angie’s life; some disturbing and some motivational for the audience to relate to. Hope her biography helps you to bring back your lost self-love and confidence!

Full Name: Angeline Varona

Age: 27 years

Place of Birth: Miami, United States

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Her Profession: Social Media Influencer, Model and Internet Sensation

Education: Graduate in Law

Angie Varona

Angie Varona in Swimwear

About Angie Varona:

Angie Varona is a known model and popular face of various social media platforms. Her father’s name is Juan Varona and her mother’s name is Maria Varona. She is unmarried and currently enjoying her life to the best! Angie was only 13 in 2007 when few social media hackers hacked her personal account and scattered her nude pictures all over the internet. She had her account with Photo Bucket. 

The incident led to major shock to the entire family that put Angie further into depression. She was also given names such as the ‘Internet Sex Symbol’ and ‘Sex Bomb’. To add more to the distress, she soon became a victim of alcoholism and drugs. It was beyond her capabilities to handle the comments and stress that she restricted herself and her personal life from all the social media accounts for many years.

Media and news channels like ABC decided to hear Angie out along with her family. Her interview can be found on the web. In her interview, she expressed the depression she has undergone due to all that happened while she was cyberbullied.

Career Background:

Angie is an internet sensation today but in the most decent way! Her audience and followers love Angie’s videos, daily posts, and her workout routine. She has a fan following of 2.6 million on Instagram! Angie is a brand ambassador to various swimwear brands. She enjoys great limelight for the amazing body and personality that she carries.

Angie is also a social media influencer and loves to share about her life and routine on Instagram. She has managed well to break the stigma of her early teen incident and come out as a warrior. Other than being a popular internet face, Angie Varona is also a model by profession. Her net worth as of 2021 is around USD 500,000!

Angie is praised worldwide for a great body and hourglass figure. She works hard to keep herself fit. Her lovely dark brown hair and brown eyes add up to her personality.

Angie Varona Hot

Personal Life:

If you wish to know more about Angie, this section will hold deep interest as we discuss the various things she likes and enjoys the most. Angie takes good care of her body and health. She follows a specific workout routine that you can check through her Insta posts and videos. Other than body workouts, she is more inclined towards consuming green and leafy vegetables.

She goes for a coconut head massage once a week and keeps a close check on her hair’s health too. Angie’s favorite destination is Paris and she loves to hog on Italian cuisine. Her favorite colors are Pink and White.

Angie loves to spend time with her current Boyfriend, Rick Arredondo who works at American Medical Academy, and keeps her personal life private. It makes sense after what she has gone through.

Angie Varona and Rick Arredondo

Angie Varona with her boyfriend Rick

Her Social Media:

On Instagram, she has over 3 million followers: Angie Varona Instagram

Her Facebook page has over 2 million followers, but she isn’t active much on facebook: Angie Varona Facebook

What’s so special about Angie Varona?

  • Angie is among those rare young models who have worked hard to gain international fame.
  • Not many could achieve success and recognition after fighting back depression as Angie Varona did.
  • She is best known for her exquisite fashionista lifestyle and appearance.
  • Her charm, fresh face, and hourglass body attracted many brands and advertisers to her.
  • Angie is not only bold by her images, she is also bold by her thoughts that have overcome body shaming and negative comments throughout her career.
  • At a young age, Angie has earned great worth and assets.
  • Instead of being worried about her image that got shattered by her leaked images, she took it as an opportunity to transform her career and enter modeling.

Angie Varona Sexy


What do we learn from Angie Varona’s story?

Regardless of how your state of life is, critics will criticize you and continue to put you down. It is their job to do so… We must focus on what we are born for. We guess that speaks it all through this short and crisp story of Angie Varona. Many people have positively taken her story and moved ahead with confidence. We hope you did it too! Let us know how you felt about this real Biography of Angie Varona. It would be lovely to hear your experience on the same in your words too.

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